Collaboration is Key

We are proud to work in close collaboration with other professional organisations who share our vision; to educate healthcare professionals; to advance scientific research and to improve patient access to suitable cannabis-based medical products.


The MCCS is an independent community of Medical Cannabis pioneers. An expert-led, non-for-profit community, dedicated to bringing this safe, legal and effective medicine to people living with chronic conditions

Drug Science is an independent, science-led charity, bringing together leading drugs experts from a wide range of specialisms to carry out ground-breaking research into drug harms and effects. Drug Science engages the public, media, policy makers and academics, equipping them with the knowledge and resources to enact positive change

The SCC is a nonprofit educational and scientific society of physicians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing research and disseminating knowledge about cannabis for medical use

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PLEA advocate for quality of life with medicinal cannabis, enabling patients to access their medicine free from the harms of stigmatisation, geographical inconsistencies and financial barriers. We support research into the safety and efficacy of cannabis-based medicinal products, to enable evidence-based prescription for all.


Alta Flora aims to empower our community to take control of their healthcare through data and are attempting to solve some of the toughest issues in remote patient engagement and quality of life research

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This comprehensive platform provides a source of accredited online training and up to date research on Medical Cannabis. Membership is free for healthcare professionals and gives access to a series of online webinars and e-learning modules; the essential knowledge and insight into medical cannabis treatment 


CPASS are providing support, advocacy and education to patients and healthcare professional considering medicinal cannabis treatments

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MedCannID is a medical cannabis patient validation system that offers simple and effective security and protection for medical cannabis patients by means of a unique tamper-proof holographic physical photo ID card


The UK’s first medical cannabis support group. Advocating on behalf of patients, to enable access to cannabis medicine through a safe and regulated system