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She began using cannabis to treat pain symptoms and found relief enough to begin physio and pilates plus swimming. Her health slowly improved.

Julie moved 2 years ago to an area with a cannabis club and started to educate herself on everything she could to do with weed. She made oils and tinctures, edibles and learnt what strains work

and what didn’t.

A year ago she was able to begin reducing her pharmaceutical


Today she takes half the dose she was on of fluoxetine and has

codeine for emergency use, but rarely takes it. Julie still has pain

flare-ups, but mostly she is able to control them quickly and keep

them at bay. Exercise is easier. She has reduced her weight by

3-stone. The brain fog is massively reduced.

Julie’s love for cannabis as medicine has become her passion. She

now feels well enough to consider a return to work.


She is currently researching starting up a new business, a small tour

operator to take patients to Jamaica to learn how cannabis might help

them using legal and prescribed cannabis.

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