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Cannabis helped in many different areas of James’ life. Aged 30, he started consuming cannabis half his life ago, and has found there to have been only a positive impact on his work/life balance. Having always been in employment, James left the armed forces in 2011 and found himself in pain, and has regularly been unable to motivate himself. He also suffers with depression and anxiety.

When James was self-medicating, he was at ease of his surroundings and

himself. All the weight had lifted off his shoulders and everything around him

was so peaceful. James’ depression had completely disappeared and he felt

a whole new person.

James carried on consuming cannabis up until 2018, when he moved jobs

and part of the contract stipulated that employees had to be drug-free, so he

put his bills and his family before his health.

Since this point, James’ anxiety has begun creeping back in and he can't even

sit still at the traffic lights.

His headaches and migraines are coming back with a vengeance. For a period

of time, he experienced what it was to be free from pain again and looked

forward to life without a care in the world.

For now, he is blessed when he has a day where his headaches have gone, but the majority of the time he worries when the next one will be and if he will legally be able to access cannabis in future.

*name changed to protect identity