Resources - guidelines

Read the recent guidelines surrounding medical cannabis

How to Prescribe Medical Cannabis

For those looking for clarity about what is & isn't permitted when it comes to prescribing medical cannabis.

How to talk to patients about medical cannabis

Members from the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society advise GPs on how to talk to patients about cannabis

National Institute for Health & Care Excellence

Guidance on cannabis based medicinal products. 

Royal College of General Practitioners

Cannabis-based medicines: an interim desktop guide

Recommendations & Guidance 

The facts about medical cannabis treatments – history, evidence and prescribing information.

A Clinicians Guide

to CBD

This guide provides an overview of CBD for clinicians, including its modes of action and therapeutic effects

Association of British Neurologists

Exploring the use of medical cannabis in neurology.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Cannabis-based medicines: an interim desktop guide

Medical Cannabis: 


Members of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society have responded to a list of frequently asked questions

Specialist Pharmacy Services

An article discussing the potential adverse effects of Cannabid oil. 

British Paediatric Neurology Association

Guidance on the use of cannabis products for children with epilepsy