The diary of a medical cannabis patient

As patients struggle to get a medical cannabis prescription without having to pay high amounts, the Primary Care Cannabis Network is providing a platform for one anonymous individual to share his story of self-treatment and how he hopes regulatory reform to enable wider access for patients seeking cannabis based medicines.

The Gentle Doctor

As I sat down with my doctor, I explained: "I've been using cannabis for over 5-years and it helps me, but I don't know why."


He said: "So what's the issue here? If it works well for you, carry on using it." He then went onto explain, some individuals reaction to cannabis is simple balance, eliminating the need for prescribed, more traditional pills. 

I was in complete shock - a doctor and physiatrist supported my illegal cannabis use. I was overwhelmed with emotions and felt as though the weight of the world had been dropped off my shoulders. I felt like I was being understood to my core for the first time; about how cannabis improved my health and well-being.


Many UK cannabis users are medical users - they have to take pharmaceutical pills, which only influences the need for such medicine in the UK. Many international doctors and physicians have welcomed alternative medicines, such as cannabis for patients, as they know it provides a more beneficial treatment. 

Having the opportunity to have an honest, meaningful discussion about cannabis with your doctor will further strengthen the reason to make cannabis more available as a prescription medicine. 

I never understood why I consumed this herb, except it was helping me feel myself again. He said, "Carry on consuming."

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