The e-Learning portal at The Primary Care Cannabis Network has been designed specifically with UK GPs in mind, providing an in-depth and comprehensive platform for all aspects of medical cannabis education. 


We cover a wide range of subjects with a specific focus on practical and clinical applications of medical cannabis treatments. We want to ensure that front line GPs are fully equipped in their knowledge and understanding of this subject matter, are able to have informed conversations with patients and feel confident in prescribing cannabis based medicines. 

Our course curriculum and content is currently under development for launch in early 2021



The Plant 

The History of Medical Cannabis 

Understanding the UK Regulatory Framework 

The Endocannabinoid System

Pharmacology and Drug Interactions

Routes of Administration

Prescribing Cannabis Based Medicines 

Adverse effects and Contraindications

Medical Cannabis for Pain

Medical Cannabis for Mood Disorders

Medical Cannabis for Neurological Conditions

Medical Cannabis for GI Conditions

Medical Cannabis for Cancer and Palliative Care 

Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy

Test Your Knowledge

The Plant

A History Of Medical Cannabis

Understanding The UK Regulatory Landscape