About us

The Primary Care Cannabis Network was created to help educate GPs in understanding medical cannabis treatments and enable them to have informed conversations with patients and to be able to confidently answer questions on this subject matter.

What do we do?

GPs have noticed an increase in patients enquiring about Medical Cannabis and over-the-counter CBD wellness products, for a wide range of conditions. 


The Primary Care Cannabis Network brings together GPs from across the UK with an interest in Medical Cannabis. Offering an independent platform to share ideas, open dialogue and educate doctors; our mission is to strengthen the voice of primary care within this rapidly emerging field of medicine. 


It is essential for all GPs to be equipped with a basic understanding of the Endocannabinoid system and the therapeutic potential of Medical Cannabis for patients who may be interested in this alternative therapy. 


GPs must also understand the regulatory landscape within the UK and the various referral pathways which currently exist.

Join our network of GPs

While the majority of countries across the globe has legalised the use of Medical Cannabis, the UK Government has only permitted doctors on the specialist register to be primary subscribers. 


Despite the level playing-field regarding the knowledge of cannabis as a medicine by specialists and GPs alike, this approach has risked leaving GPs out of the conversation and has significantly reduced the pool of potential prescribers. 


If you’re interested in finding out more about Medical Cannabis and would like to join our network, please register for our Journal Club – a regular meet up for GPs to discuss the latest advances in this rapidly emerging field of medicine.